[bubblequote author=”The Direction”]We hope you will find on our site the answers to all your questions. If not, please contact us at 1-877-RÉPONSE (1-877-737-6673)or by email to info@cielocom.com.

Our software Impact F & I Edition Cielocom answers the requirements of car dealerships, RV, sports, motor homes, recreational etc.[/articlequote]

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[bubblequote author=”DealerTrack Canada”]For financing, the partnership between Dealer Track and Cielocom is fantastic : no more double entries Automatic transfer of data made simple.[/bubblequote]

[articlequote]Printing for forms in PDF format is truly effective. Sales contracts, insurance certificates, extended warranty contracts, internal forms. Quality and efficiency hand in hand.[/articlequote]

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Our software Impact F & I Lars Edition is fully intregated with the accounting system of LARS with acess to the inventory module, client’s information, parts and service. This tool is indispensable for your accounting and your sales manager.

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Kindly note our software has been developed based on our clients’ good ideas and suggestions and those of our business partners, thus basing ourselves on years and years of experience in the automobile industry, and the sale and service industry All these critics and suggestions resulted in a more flexible and user friendly software.[/bubblequote]